Cape Breton Film

You cannot call yourself Cape Breton Film without making films about Cape Breton life, lore, history, arts, and culture. At times, the Island itself is a character or it is disguised as another part of the world… this is where we begin, with our vision of making films and growing the film industry, but it does not end here.

Growing the Industry

Cape Breton Film is an independent film and media production company fostering the growth and development of the film and television industry on the Island of Cape Breton. By locally producing professional films and media projects, we inherently have the advantage of successfully marketing Cape Breton’s best and finest film industry resources to a global market, expanding the opportunity to attract new business to the Island and establish strategic partnerships with other filmmakers worldwide.

Leading by example...

Creating a viable, diverse, and equal-opportunity film industry on the Island of Cape Breton opens doors to numerous opportunities for local filmmakers and Atlantic Canada.

For the local Cape Breton economy, this means another possible revenue stream that is not solely dependent on seasonal tourism, the film industry is a year-round business and the economic spin-off is substantial. For Atlantic Canada, having a production company located in Cape Breton is a good asset to have and advertise. 

As a feasible, industry-ready film location with a database of experienced crew, cast and creatives not to mention a production, and post-production outfit right on the island, we have the knowledge and resources to attract, grow and sustain partnerships with other filmmakers, producers and production companies worldwide.

Leading by example is Cape Breton Film’s way to showcase the possibilities no matter the scope or scale of the project. If we can make industry-standard films here, so will others.

Diverse and Equal

It is important for our company, with an equal and diverse culture to always do our best to welcome and nurture new ways of seeing the world and understanding each other with compassion and grace.
By fostering and supporting others in their desire and passion to use visual media as a way of telling their own Cape Breton stories, our success will be measured by the long-lasting partnerships we develop locally and abroad.
After all, we are a Cape Breton film company… telling stories comes with the territory, changing the narrative of how marginalized people are portrayed or represented that comes from our hearts.

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